Death and its transcendence in the work of N. G. Pentzikis

Triantafyllopoulos p. Ephraim

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In order for someone to be released from himself, from his person, he needs to be emptied, to be humbled. Let him listen deeply, deep inside is his "Zacchaeus, come down quickly". Come down, humble yourself, let me come and stay in your house. In other words, learn to live after moving from the top of the mind to the basement of the heart. In this way, one comes out of himself, becomes a church. Thinking of the Lord and not of himself, he goes out of himself and approaches others. She embraces everyone with a sense of broad motherhood, affectionately, as if the frost of the world had crystallized them. It belongs to everyone, without demanding anything from anyone. This descent of the humbled mind into the heart, Pentzikis gives it very beautifully: "The fact of the union," he says, "of all creatures in one body with Heaven, in the space of the animal function of the heart, is not understood, if the mind of all of our beliefs does not humble itself and descend lower than the height of the head where it resides".

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