Archimandrite of Ananias Koustenis

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In this volume are the words of Elder Ananias Koustenis about the dynamics of pain, which leads us to secret joy and the path of Resurrection. This way of the cross, which leads us, however, to the resurrected place of Earos.
What we keep for ourselves is the Cross. The pain. And yet, in a secret way we celebrate in pain. Because Spring is coming. Ear the Resurrection.
Man, Father Ananias Koustenis points out to us, "tries to keep himself on the cross. In pain. And if any blessing comes to him, why does it come, because otherwise we would have gone mad, then one does exactly what the beloved poet of Saint Porphyry Lampros Porphyras says. "Then he celebrates in pain." Because we also have a celebration in pain. "Celebrates in pain!"
And as a German poet, Schiller, says, "Only he who has not eaten the bread of pain has not known you, O heavens." [...] (From the introduction of the publication)

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