Archimandrite of Ananias Koustenis

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Submitting this second volume of the "Spring Synaxario", we continue our journey with our Saints. We feel the Saints and Saints and Martyrs and Ascetics to be with us constantly. "Why the Saints," Father Ananias Koustenis points out, "leaving, they did not leave us. And as Elder Porphyrios used to say, "I, you see, when I leave, I will then be closer to you and better. You may not see me, you may sometimes see me, but I will be closer to you. That's how all Saints are. That is why we are "in the glory of the Saints". That is why we are surrounded, "surrounding us", by Saints and Martyrs and Saints and Angels. And souls and spirits of Righteous. We are never, ever, alone in the Church. We may formally and outwardly be alone. But, essentially and ontologically, we are with Christ, the Virgin Mary and all the Saints and Angels." (. . .) (FROM THE INTRODUCTION OF THE PUBLICATION)

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