Thermos Fr. Vassilios

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The book "Attraction and Passion" is an interdisciplinary approach to homosexuality. The author draws from (psychiatry), psychology, theology, philosophy, and sociology. His choice stems from the belief that theology must listen carefully to all other reasons in order to articulate its own reason.

"It is not enough to not be afraid of homosexuals or to be aggressive towards them. We need to develop the awareness that we are traveling with them through the same decay of human nature. Since writing this book I have felt that whatever good comes from engaging with and supporting those who are same-sex attracted has and should have a counterpart for us as well. This is also true in the secular context, since on the occasion of homosexuality we are invited to reflect on the meaning of love and marriage, but it is much more applicable in the church space. Our theological responses to homosexuals are not pulled ready-made from some drawers but are worked out, as the word says, with pain. Heartache, but also mental pain. Perhaps from the material stored in this book heterosexual marriage will discover something more about why it exists and what its calling is."

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