George Galitis

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November 1938. Judge Antonios Galitis moves with his family to Rethymno. The four children explore the world under the bright sun of Crete. Until the fateful day when the Nazi army invades the island. Bombings, destruction, casualties. Life will go on, but different now, under Occupation. The conqueror is cruel and ruthless, dangers, hunger, but also humanity. The judge refuses to cooperate with the conqueror. The survival of the family is becoming more and more difficult. Escape is the only solution. But the island is now an enclosed fortress...

A life like a novel.
A living historical testimony.
A deposit of soul.

Who cares about a family story, except the family itself? Difficult question! A history of people cut off from its historical context is perhaps of no interest to anyone. But a story interwoven with shocking, world-historical events, which allows the aroma of everyday life of a bygone era to emerge, when it is recorded by the generation that lived it, before falling silent for good, is perhaps of interest to more people. And not only historians...

This book brings to life the difficult days of the Occupation and what preceded it in Rethymno, giving important historical information and details about that time. It concerns not only one family nor only one place. It is the everyday life of every family and every part of Hellenism in those difficult years...

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ISBN: 978-960-619-124-4

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