Six speeches on modern problems

Saint Moses

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The six speeches seem completely unrelated and unrelated to each other. But I think that in the end something unites them. It is rather the good anxiety of many people for authenticity and authenticity in the Orthodox Christian spiritual life. Fatigue from a lot of chatter. The search for the overwhelming and howling silence. The silence of the Virgin. Of the grace of silent prayers. The darkness of heartache, sadness and depression and the pursuit of intangible joy. The arrogance of the parents and the wrong education of the children, great pain. The light of Mount Athos to the young. The luminous symbols of the Divine Liturgy, Holy Eucharist and Holy Communion. The accompaniment to the Passion of Jesus. They are the subjects of these unambitious speeches. They come for study, for motivation, for upliftment and recreation with warm wishes.

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