The doctrine of Christ's sinlessness

Συγγραφέας: Bathrellos p. Dimitrios

ISBN: 978-960-6719-80-6
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Christianity does not have as its center simply some "religious truths" but the face of Christ. His superiority over even the most important theories, ideologies, and religions lies not so much in the truths of the Christian faith, as in Him, who revealed them. The absolute sinlessness of Christ refers to His divinity. His holiness reveals that in Him liberation from the power of sin, holiness, salvation is attainable. The uniqueness of the Christian Church lies in the offer of this redemptive possibility, which springs from the participation in the holiness of Christ and is manifested in the faces of the saints, who are His images free from sin. This transformative function attests to the truth and power of the Christian faith. Christ possesses and bestows not simply the possibility of a better behavior, but a new heart, a new life, a "new" existence.

The above is called into question if we deny His ontological sinlessness, that is, if we perceive him as a man with sinful desires and impulses (as is often depicted in literature and cinema), even if we add that he ultimately resisted them and did not commit sinful acts. The acceptance of such a theory would fundamentally shake the Christian faith and nullify the hope of the people. The doctrine of Christ's sinlessness is a central teaching of Christian theology.

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