Papathanasiou Thanasis

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Christ clashed with the forces of evil and corruption, in all their forms. Persecuted and crucified himself, he explicitly identified himself with the weak and the persecuted, with foreigners and prisoners and, at the same time, he identified solidarity with them with solidarity with himself. In the multifaceted historical journey, the Church must keep its vision active and create a corresponding proposal for life. Whenever she forgets or casts off her own vision, she becomes a tyrant of man, a prison of God and a traitor to herself. On the contrary, whenever he takes the side of the victims and grafts history with justice, solidarity and freedom, he causes cracks in the tombstones of society, so that the light of the Last Days can pass into today.

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ISBN: 978-960-328-163-4

Κωδικός: 0028706