Thoughts and proposals on the position and witness of the Church in the public space

Bathrellos p. Dimitrios

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The book at hand consists of five texts that discuss the question of the position and witness of the Church and Christians in the public space. Its writing is attempted in the context of a long-term and barren confrontation between those who promote the complete secularization of the state and public space on the one hand, and on the other, ultra-conservative "representatives" of the Church, who seek the opposite, but without their attitude and speech being characterized by the sobriety and discernment that the Christian faith inspires. This book attempts to redefine the terms of the debate and lead it in more fruitful directions. The collapse of the "myth" of secularization and the dynamic return of religion, the position and testimony of Christians in the public space, the relationship between the state and the Church, the contemporary economic crisis and its theological reading, the revival of neo-Nazism, and the refugee and the immigration issue are some of the topics analyzed in its pages.

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