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He traveled kilometers on his old bicycle in rain and wind, in the snow and humidity. He passed through valleys and valleys, climbed hills, crossed plains and large states exhausted and indomitable, to warn, to preach repentance. With his prophetic clairvoyance he saw the dark cloud coming menacingly, and ran to catch up, lest the evil might be averted. He saw the northern coasts blackened by the enemy ships, the Turks moving forward unscathed, spreading havoc and horror... and even further, the stone years of the refugee, prosperity and crisis, until the time of the liberation of Cyprus, as well as its recapture City. He, the invisible world-caller of Augasida, the mourning bird of God, the oligogram yet didactic, a sanctified form of Cyprus.

"I asked a genuine man of God, who deserved to reach high standards of virtue, to pray for Hatziflorenzo, to receive "information" from God about his situation. And he sends me the following message: "I prayed. But, this man is very high in the sky! And the more you make him known, the faster he will start working miracles. Tell your people to invoke him in their prayers.''

Metropolitan of Morphou Mr. Neophytos

"I consider this publication particularly important, because it presents to the general public the personality, the deep faith, the holiness and the work of this invisible and humble worker in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Holy Orthodox Church.

The author presents the various aspects of the life of Florentzos Michael Patsias from Milia Ammohostos in a distinctly clear way, who during his earthly life bore witness to his piety, his church life, his humility and his love for his fellow man but also with his missionary zeal and his simple but spiritual speech, his great love for Christ and our Virgin Mary, so that many may have benefited from his example and remember him, keeping in their hearts what he said to them and what he said to them he taught with his life.

Elder Hatziflorentzos is for all of us a bright example of a pious man, whose heart was set on fire by his love for God, which also sanctified his daily life.

I would like to congratulate Dr. Giota Hatzikosta for the systematic research she has done on the life and work of Elder Hatziflorentzos, for the literary way she cites the facts, but also for the many historical, folklore and other useful information that the reader can find in the pages of her book".

From the foreword by His Eminence Metropolitan of Limassol Mr. Athanasios

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