A Christian Look at Homosexuality

Costa de Borgar p. Marcos-Antonio

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The Holy Spirit calls the baptized to be consistent with their baptism, and the unbaptized to know (at a time that the Spirit will determine) the joy of an existence shaped by faith. This is what plays a decisive role in the consciousness of us baptized people, regarding our own identity, and this is what dictates our respect towards non-Christians. The promotion and legalization of homosexuality in modern society raises a real issue in the hearts of Christian citizens. The Holy Spirit asks us to show the evangelical attitude towards this new situation - an attitude that is inspired by the word of God and church tradition, rather than by superficial reactions or by a simple social morality.

This is a delicate issue, it is perhaps one of the most important traumas in our world, a trauma that affects the relationships between men and women. The mystery of the Church gives birth to a new life, which reconciles the brothers to each other and to their Father, and inaugurates a new adoption in the Holy Spirit. Questions of sexual morality can only be approached with great delicacy and humility, apologizing in advance to those whom we may hurt through clumsiness or incompetence.

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