Studies on the Romance of Black Africa and Christianity

Papathanasiou Thanasis

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Black – sub-Saharan – Africa is rich in cultures and wisdom, institutions and problems, struggles and traumas. A special place, it contributes in a special way to the endowment of the universal community.

Its encounter with Christianity has a long history, painful and hopeful: in spite of the sufferings of colonialism, Black Africa continues, struggling, to articulate the faith with its own voices. This means that the essential juxtaposition of the Gospel and sub-Saharan reality is a bet open to key questions. If these questions are overlooked (out of ignorance or arrogance), then what is realized can be a thousand and two things, but not a single substantive.

Which indigenous cosmo-idol sculpted the African soul? Which anthropology and which political theory emerges in those places? Which traditional forces liberate the human subject and which debilitate it? What authentic creations and what distortions thrive? What pre-Christian theologies align with Christianity? These and other questions are examined in the perspective of the composition of Black Africa and the Christian Church, a composition where both parties have to give and take. In theological parlance, we call this "incarnation."

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