Antony the Great and the living water of the river

Hemmings p Jonathan

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St. Hesychius distinguishes four types of vision. The first is to be aware of the mental images that demons use to construct sinful schemes and lead our spirits into temptation. The second kind of meditation consists in freeing our heart from all thoughts and remaining still in silence and prayer. The third kind is to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for His help. The fourth is to be aware of our mortality. "These kinds of hypnosis, my child, guard the door of our heart and do not allow any sinful thoughts to enter"...

The cell is the place where the monk bares his soul before God. Similarly, the cell is our heart that communicates with the Holy Spirit, because the Kingdom of God is within us.

If we listen carefully and if we look intently, even today, in our own cities, the echo of the ascetic spirit of the desert fathers, the fervor of faith and their quietness resounds.

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