Diary of school life

Reverend Spyridon, tailor

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Divine Liturgy for our School. Lights all on. The cantor rapturously renders the hymns.

The time has come when the children enter the temple. Quiet and a few words from the teachers about their arrangement. The Gospel was heard. The Grand Entrance also took place. We have reached the Holy Reference. I took the honest gifts in my hands saying "Yours from yours...". The singer whispered: "We praise you... we bless you...".
For the first time – twenty years as a priest – I looked towards the congregation at this moment. I saw the children kneeling. Next to them are the teachers. "Send your Holy Spirit upon us...". I didn't want this moment to end. I heard the words we used to say in the camps: "My God, let us be together, in Heaven as well as on earth." The Liturgy is over. During the distribution of the anti-gift, I remember the phrase I said to the director: "Don't be afraid of anything!".

Stories inspired by everyday school life.
A diary-booklet with simple, experiential thoughts and wonderful images that touch another reality, bright and heavenly!

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