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Essays on the dialogue between theology and culture

For centuries, Christians built culture with the strong belief that they were creatively collaborating in God's will. However, historical achievements, however brilliant they may seem, are never final. Although culture can function theologically and culturally express the life of the Church, the relationship between them is contradictory and dialectical. The Church does not see its historical past as its end and end, everything fundamental and glorious it has been, but turns mysteriously towards the future of the Kingdom. From the perspective of the end times, every cultural and historical dimension of theology gives way to the truth that comes from the future. Civilizations flourish and decline over the course of human history. The inclusiveness of culture ultimately determines the dialectical relationship between theology and culture under the light of eschatology. Culture, as a treasure trove of top achievements and unsurpassed historical conquests of the past, becomes a sarcophagus or splint for the truth of theology, when it becomes absolute and replaces the Church. In the course of the Church, not a few ideological constructions and anchorings often fixate intra-historically and culturally secularize its eschatological perspective. This book brings together essays and studies that critically investigate the dialogue between theology and culture in various historical periods of the life of the Church.