Texts about the Blessed Virgin Mary

Ware p. Kallistos

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Maria, apart from being unique, is also our role model. Because we too have been given a distinct and unrepeatable calling above all the centuries. God has also chosen us to perform a specific task, which Divine Providence has not assigned to anyone else in the entire history of this world. We have been invited, each of us, to create something beautiful in our own special way. Before all ages, God with His divine mind saw all of us, each one with his particularity. He loves each of us with a special love and expects from each of us something that he does not expect from anyone else.

Mary, therefore, is not only unique but also the model of our lives. She had been assigned, pre-eternal, a unique task, but we have also been assigned, again pre-eternal, something unique. It has been rightly said that with regard to man, God never does anything twice and, moreover, the world needs each one of us individually. We are not standardized or interchangeable objects, but each of us is different and special. Our whole life's work is to discover what is special and extraordinary that God has assigned to us as a calling.

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