Archimandrite of Ananias Koustenis

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The translation of the Hymns of Saint Romanos Melodos by Fr. Ananias Koustenis is a publishing event of great importance both for Greece and for the world's intellectual heritage. It is the first translation work of Fr. Ananias Koustenis, with which he proves his great love for Saint Romanos and Byzantium. With extra care, he not only makes the inspired masterpiece of Saint Romanus linguistically comprehensible in modern times, but manages to experience its meanings to such an extent that the original and translated text are almost identical. Thus, Fr. Ananias Koustenis not only transfers the great poetry of Saint Romanos to Modern Greek, but also conveys his spirit. The reader is impressed by the surprising similarity of the original and the translated text both in the content and in the form of the speech and realizes that this is a gift from above, a creation similar to the divine poetry of Saint Romanos. Through the translation, the secret conversation between author and translator is revealed, so that one wonders whether Fr. only for God and man, but also for the Greek language.
This translation effort for ten consecutive years becomes an art of speech, as Fr. uninterrupted continuity of the Greek language.
For this work, Fr. Ananias Koustenis followed the edition by P. Maas & CA Trypanis (Sancti Romani Melodi. Cantica. Cantica genuina, Oxford 1963), while at the same time taking into account the other two existing editions, by J. Grosdidier de Matons (Romanos le Melode, Hymnes, volumes 5 in the series Soures chretiennes [...]) and Nikolaou V. Tomadakis (Hymns of Romanos tou Melodos, volumes 4, Athens 1952), which he sometimes judges in terms of the neo-Greek rendering. [...] (S.t.E., from the introduction of the publication)

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