The theologian and pedagogue of the desert

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Elder Ephraim was a simple man of the people, as he himself usually said, who, however, with his quiet education and mental work reached high spiritual levels. His psycho-somatic wholeness, his "being", was filled with the fullness of the divinity that dwelt within him and thus he succeeded in this life to become a sharer of the uncreated glory of God. Father Ephraim claimed to have a clear mental theory of God: "know God, but you are not known by God" (Gal. 4, 9). With obedience, practice and quietness, with abundant tears, with purified senses, with a peaceful mind and a pure heart, he received grace and illumination of knowledge. The holy Elder was a product of the Holy Spirit. He had achieved a deep personal experiential encounter with the Lord in the Grace of the Holy Spirit. He had thus reached high levels of theology.

Live in this way in the world of holy silence with the name and face of Christ. He had a "pure" prayer and for this he was a theologian, according to the teaching saying of Saint Siluanos: "If you are a theologian, you pray clearly. If you pray clearly, then you are a theologian".

Elder Ephraim also had a "true" prayer. He had such a prayer, which Saint Neilos the Ascetic considers as a condition of real Theology: "If you are a theologian, you will pray truly. And if you pray truly, you are indeed a theologian".