Fairy tale-theatre (3-10 years)

Adamis Dimitris

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Fairy tale-theatre (3-10 years)

Man's great need to travel and get to know...
To learn the world...To face Windmills.
To find his truth, everyone's truth.

The most widely read novel of all time adapted by Dimitris Adamis into a play, full of the heroes of this wonderful text.
Our story unfolds in Spain. A nobleman who lives there with his niece, and his few but good servants, reads many books, but one of them makes a special impression on him. It is the book "Don Quixote" by Miguel de Cervantes. Immediately, without a second thought, he convinces himself that he is Don Quixote. This leads him to look for the traces of his hero on his own journey.
Don Quixote, believing that he is destined to fight evil, begins under the sacred oaths of Chivalry a journey of the mind, a journey into the shadows, a journey outside reality. His companions are Sancho Pancha, his faithful servant, Rocinantes, his horse, his beloved Dulcinea and a multitude of others who are on his way unwittingly and take the form he gives them. His enemies are the Windmill Giants and those who cause injustice. The children will have the opportunity to "meet" the ideas on which this well-known work is based through a modern perspective.
On the digital disc that accompanies the release, our little friends will hear the entire show that was staged in November 2021 at the "Mikro Horn" theater by the magic spinners. The excellent music all comes from the wide range of Spanish composers as well as others who were influenced by the great tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. The songs are based on traditional and folk songs from flamenco to Lorca, specially adapted for children.

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Αριθμός σελίδων: 60

Διαστάσεις: 21X29

Εικονογράφος: Spyros Zacharopoulos

ISBN: 978-960-9550-33-8

Κωδικός: 20249