Nikos Orphanidis

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The Neon in the Island of Cyprus Testimony is written in the manner and language of the Ecclesiastical - that of the Synaxarist. It refers to the cloud of the new martyrs of Cyprus. To those who first martyred at the hands of the British colonialists during the struggle, 1955-1959, as well as to the others, later, who martyred at the hands of the Turks, in 1974. They are the finished young people, the hanged ones them under the Englishmen, but with those who heroically fell in the struggle for Eleftheria, who courageously endured their martyrdom and published great texts and letters, which reveal the depth of their faith and their preparation in Christ for martyrdom. As well as a multitude of innocent new martyrs of the Turkish invasion of 1974, who were led to death. Thousands of missing and fallen and slaughtered innocent citizens, old men, women.

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ISBN: 978-960-353-210-1

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