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Adolescence for the child is the biological gift of life to a new human being, to be able to claim and at some point conquer the diversity of its unique truth and freedom. It is a biological gift because it is given regardless of the circumstances that will prevail around him and because he will find it next to him regardless of the theory and worldview that his parents followed. Essentially for the first time, the child is given the opportunity to confess that he is also fascinated by things outside of those that were given to him in his childhood.

Adolescence is both a gift to parents and the family system, and by extension to society, because for the first time it enables a child to venture in a new way to relate to those walls of security and dependence that have been given to him by his family system: while as a child he related to them through a passive position of gain, now he can dare for the first time to crack them and dare, through these cracks, crevices or even the holes and exits that will be created on the walls, to see the other, the stranger, but also his own other self and his own new possibly adult self. So at that moment, we have a process in which the walls are used again, but in another form. The breaking down of these walls can be the raw material for a process essentially called autonomy and eventually adulthood...

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